E8 Camera NO flash

One thing about the E8 camera is there is no flash so I get dark regular images.
So I guess I need to use my regular camera for this, but seems like FLIR should have a better camera with a flash.

Any thoughts or ideas to get a better flash on the regular pictures?

338816 IR 050.jpg

338816 IR 049.jpg

338816 IR 047.jpg

338816 IR 048.jpg

Flashlight mounted on the camera. Use velcro.

Would that affect some IR images with the reflections from the flashlight?

IR doesn’t utilize visible light. As long as the flashlight doesn’t project any heat, you should be good to go.

Thanks, I have a bicycle light that should work well.

Personally, I would use nothing but an LED light for this, but perhaps your bicycle light is. Hook it up, test it out. Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.

It is LED and is brighter then my flashlights!! Trying to velcro now but I have to take off the bike holder as it has precision and really small screws.

None of the E-x imagers have a flash. The E-xx models do, but the light is limited. I always take the digital photo with my standard camera with much better results.

How often do you need a light? I just pull the one off my of hip if it is in a dark area.

I adjust the dark pics (all my cameras) with "Photoscape’.
You just keep clicking “back-light” in edit mode till you can see what your want.

You can pull stuff out of completely black photos (but can not fix white-out pics).
Under exposed is no problem, but you can’t do anything with over exposed.

This works well with attic - crawlspace photos which have a dark background due to distance and limited flash distance.

This is what I got out of your posted pics. You can do much better with full resolution pics not posted to the MB.

338816 IR 048.jpg

338816 IR 048.jpg

338816 IR 050.jpg

Use an LED headlamp with adjustable beam at wide angle, like an LED Lenser.

I don’t think any IR cameras come with a flash.

Mine does.

Mine does also. I turn it off when doing most electrical panels to decrease white out from flash. I have a FLIR T400