Earn income inspecting residential roofs

MoistureFree has created a roofing certification program for inspectors. This will;

  • Differentiate your business
  • Earn QC income
  • Earn passive income
    Feel free to contact me for more information.

Bill Taylor

It would be best to either post the information on this board or run the program by Nick. We have a lot of nonmember scammers post on this board.


Requirements are at:


This is our Stucco program. Our program for inspectiong roofs can be viewed at;


This is an exciting program which can benefit inspectors.

Let me know if this is of interest.

Bill Taylor 704-906-8129

This is a legiment offer. We’ve trained over 1,000 inspector / countractors across the country to stucco (see www.moisturewarranty.com) and now have a program specifically for residential roofs.


  1. What specifically is your inspection protocol for the roof?

  2. Is the Inspector required to purchase ReportMakerPro software for
    these inspections as they are for the stucco, EIFS inspections?

  3. Other than a ladder, camera, etc. (other standard HI equipment) is the
    Inspector required to purchase/use other expensive equipment (i.e.
    the EIFS/Stucco requires Tramex Wet Wall Detector)?

  4. This is the first I have heard of this program although I see your sites
    have been up since approximately 2003. Does Moisture Free Warranty
    corp perform any marketing for their warranty or is that left completely
    up to the Inspectors?

  5. Is this warranty program registered in the state of Texas yet?

  6. Do you have many (any) Inspectors already certified in Texas?

  7. Do you have any roofing contractors now in Texas that offer this
    service and warranty?

  8. Since we will be promoting and essentially selling these warranties does
    Moisture Free Warranty Corp have a copy of the warranty that we can
    view? It is easier to sell something we believe in than to sell just for the

I just helped Chris Burton with the filming of the training video a couple of weeks ago.


Would that be the $399 training video for the Moisture Free Warranty training program?

From what Chris told me the video and the training program for the roof won’t be ready for a while.

The final editing of the program is happening as we speak. The official release is Jan 19th. We are pre-selling the program at a discount.

The training program is only $295 and there is no other cost associated with the program. The only materials which are required from the inspector are a ladder and digital camera.


Why do you come onto the INACHI board and try to charge us $100.00 more than ASHI?


ASHI Roof Inspection Certification Discount




ASHI Roof Inspection Certification Discount until January 19th Enter Inspector/Roofer Code 0001184
Category: Inspector Discount Enter Inspector/Roofer Code 0001184


$ 195.00





Thats weird.
I thought ASHI didn’t offer their members any benefits.:roll: :roll:



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NACHI Benefits

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Great Question! This is a limited time promotional offer as part of the ASHI conference on January 16th which ends on the 19th.

Is this program of interest to you? If Nachi members are strongly interested as we have found from the ASHI members.

We would consider providing a limited time (pre-order) introductory offer to Nachi members if we can get a good number of NACHI members to sign up. Let me know if your interested in arranging this.

Very Interesting

charge us $195.00 and we might sign up

I reported this thread to Chris as “spam”.