Free 90 Day Roof Performance Warranty For MoistureFree Inspectors

Many of the InterNACHI members enjoyed our episode 30 which covered inspecting a Stucco home as well as our training & warranty products. Our goal is to continually provide value to InterNACHI and MoistureFree Inspectors.

We’re pleased to announce that MoistureFree is providing all MoistureFree Certified Roof Inspectors the ability to offer their clients a FREE 90 Day Roof Performance Warranty for every home upon the inspectors approval. The Realtors we’ve spoken to are elated about our new program.

We’re also pleased to provide InterNACHI members a discount for this program. See look for the tab “InterNACHI”.

Nick, We appreciate being a part of your organization and look forward continuing to provide value added products and services to your members .

Call me a skeptic…

I question the value / validity of any program that Requires me to “Buy In” before “Selling for You”…

NACHI / ASHI Roof Inspection Certification Discoun

NACHI / ASHI Roof Inspection Certification Discount until January 31st Enter Inspector/Roofer Code 0001184
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$ 195.00

See above response…Bill Taylor
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I’ve performed over 3,000 home inspections and have never once had a client call me to tell me that their roof is leaking after my inspection.

Roof inspections aren’t that difficult.

The roof either leaks or don’t leak.

A 90 day warranty on a roof that doesn’t leak today???

I simply don’t see the benefit of this warranty program…

-Receive claims management fees
-Additional protection from E&O roof claims
-Receieve a Free InterNACHI membership
-Abilty to offer your services to builders
-Passive income from Roofers under your network

MR Taylor… In your response to Mr Hagarty, you stated the 4 items mentioned above. Could you please expound on these? Especially the 2 items in bold.

How about this deal… You let us have this up front, and then take 50% of these “fees” up to the $195.00 level.

(I was born during the day, but it wasn’t yesterday.)

Why is so much info. missing from Hagarty’s and Taylor’s posts, the posts don’t show they have been edited?

We’re signing up inspectors who understand you need to invest in your business (time & money) to grow. If the nominal fee of $195 is excessive then by all means don’t sign up. You may already have more business then you can handle so it would be a waste of money.

Receive Claims Management Fees-If there is a roof claim, MoistureFree pays the inspector to verify that a claim exists.
Passive income from roofers-MoistureFree inspectors have the ability to bring in competent roofers into the program and offer the roof warranties with their roofing jobs. For every warranty they sell, the inspector also gets paid without having to perform any work (passive income).

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Sorry Bill, I am willing to invest in my business, and I have. Magnitudes more than your piddly $200. But the best way to build wealth is to first of all not throw money away, and your deal is no deal in my eyes. $195 for the privilege of selling your product is not appealing.

Now if you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is, and defer the payment from the proceeds, that’s a different story, and your credibility increases.

You asking me to risk my $ on your untested and unproven scheme sounds like a scam. So unless YOU are willing to accept the risk, for your product, then I’ll take your sound advise, and not waste my money.

I’ll also reccomend that my iNACHI brethren follow that example.

…if it looks like dog poop, smells like dog poop, and tastes like dog poop…don’t step in it…it might be dog poop

Gotta wonder about that small print guys.

I can tell by your last comment that your a professional and I can see why you don’t need to be part of any additional programs. So continue to do what your doing since it’s working for you.

Best of luck.

And I can tell from your post, you have no interest in anything but taking some trusting NACHo’s for 200 bucks.

Get a serious offer, or get off the message board.

Best of luck to you too.:mrgreen:

Not trying to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, but this might be a good opportunity for a testomonial from some Inspectors who are currently using this program or have in the past. Hell, I sell insurance for a living and I’m interested in hearing what people have to say.

Mr Taylor… I cant say that I have read alot about your program. You have answered ny questions in a forthright manner so far. I have one more for you. Is this program stricly for the U.S. or is it available to Canadians as well?

I have carefully reviewed the program and warranty.
(I used to own a home warranty company and I feel I
can read a warranty)

I recommend it to all my insureds.

I think it will help inspectors in several ways.
One, another source of income.
Two, help make small roof claims go away without
needing to get your E&O carrier involved and spend
your deductible.

Make your own decision but if I were back doing
inspections I would get involved - in fact I would
offer as many services and products as I could.

Its also a great risk management tool - have them
decline the roof warranty. It would be very helpful
in court to have this declination on record.

Lastly, roofs are our number one source of claims without
question. And yes I sell insurance and any time I find
a product that I feel is a good risk management tool I
promote it.

I suppose its time for all those who are not out marketing
themselves and trying to grow their business but are just
sitting around looking at a computer screen to write some
really “well written” responses.

Kind of a stupid comment coming from someone who is obviously sitting in front of his computer screen.

I’m still waiting to hear from an inspector who has “invested” in his business and has come out ahead with this “deal”.

Now, back to writing the report of this mornings inspection.

Nick is able to get another memberhip discount with this program yet it gets the obligatory criticism. He has them do a NACHI T.V show, wouldn’t you think he sees some value in this?

I guess you don’t read so carefully, so I’ll say it again… I’m still waiting to hear from an inspector who has “invested” in his business and has come out ahead with this “deal”.

Read so carefully? Umm, have a look at what I posted prior to my last one. Right there with you.