A little on te residential side

In the spirit of Marcel’s post’s I thought I would post a series of picture’s of the house I’m building. It’s a 28X34 ranch with a 24X24 detached garaged. It took my client 6 months to get a rear lot subdivision and we’ve been slowed a bit by rain but it’s finally under way.

As a contractor I’m very interested in performance so this house will be built with R-19 wall with R-5 insulated vinyl siding, triple pane windows and blown in insulation. I will be conducting blower door tests pre and post drywall. Hope it’s interesting.

DSC00346 (Small).JPG

DSC00345 (Small).JPG

DSC00328 (Small).JPG

DSC00335 (Small).JPG

That sound like fun, Peter. I will look forward to the progress.

Thank you.

The next picture shows the form installer getting a window ready and the two car garage with the trusses and plywood installed.

DSC00358 (Small).JPG

DSC00371 (Small).JPG

Thanks Larry

Peter, nice to see you back on board, and anxious for follow up pictures.
All learn, I believe by sharing these photos.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel, tomorrow we are starting the trench for the underground electric.
800 feet to the pole!!!

I did a job in Effingham along the Ossipee River years ago where we had 3/4 mile linear distance of underground to do with three runs, telco, cable and PSNH. I don’t recall how many vaults PSNH needed for us to install but I’m thinking it was 7. We used custom ordered 4"x 42’ conduit which saved time. One area was through a swamp outlet which was a nightmare. Everything was pulled without a single problem.

Very nice Peter, can’t wait to check it out as you go.

Hey Pete,
That is a fun idea. Will definately keep checking back on your progress.
Thanks for sharing!

The forms ave been stripped, the foundation coated and the drain in place, just waiting for the inspection to back fill.

DSC00384 (Small).JPG

DSC00376 (Small).JPG

DSC00383 (Small).JPG

DSC00378 (Small).JPG

Here’s some of the two car garage.

DSC00389 (Small).JPG

DSC00389 (Small).JPG

DSC00387 (Small).JPG

DSC00392 (Small).JPG

Looking good Peter, and I like the idea of building the garage first to keep my tools try and a comfortable place to work while building the house.

Is the basement a daylight basement or another garage?:):smiley:

It’s going to be a walk out with a 6 ft sliding glass door. My client made a request at the last minute, like that never happens!!!, to finish the basement. My thought was to stick frame the rest of the wall then I could locate and egress window somewhere along that wall for a bedroom. I’m also going to rough in a pit in the slab for a 3/4 bath in the finished basement. Hope the building inspector doesn’t mind, LOL. I actually gave him the heads up on the finished basement and he’s OK with it as long as I give him a plan and amend the permit.

Changes are nothing new to me also Peter.

Seems like they don’t know what it will look like until it starts taking shape.
Most people can’t envision what things look like from a drawing. :slight_smile:

Your right about that.

Every time I build a garage, I swear, I’m going to build one for myself and never do. They’re so nice when they’re brand new with nothing in them.

Here’s an update on the ranch I’m building.

The first two pictures show the underground trench for power, phone and cable.

The third is the transformer vault.

Forth is the lumber package for the frame.

Last is the finishing touches on the garage.

Tomorrow we should have the septic system installed ready for state inspection, pour the footing for the lally columns and finish trenching.

DSC00394 (Small).JPG

DSC00398 (Small).JPG

DSC00395 (Small).JPG

DSC00397 (Small).JPG

DSC00396 (Small).JPG

Nice garage Peter.
I 'll go install the garage doors when I run out of work in August.:mrgreen::slight_smile:

That sure looks like a long run for underground Utilities Peter.

Is that the distribution box for the septic system. ?

No, the run for the underground utilities is 800ft so a vault is being buried at app. 600ft the we will use schedule 80 pipe and go under the driveway to make the connection to the house, then underground again for he garage.

Awh! OK, now it makes sense. That is what I thought that it looked more of an electrical vault. The septic inspection threw me off.
Still a long run of 600 ft…
Hope they oversized the conduit.:slight_smile:

What size conductor are they using to feed the 200 amp panel at that distance? or just a 100 amp? Quite a voltage drop.

I know, I ask to many questions. :mrgreen:

I’m not sure Marcel, we supply the schedule 40 & 80 the pull rope, red flag, phone and cable. The electric coop is supplying the conductor. I’ll find out, they may be out tomorrow for a trench inspection. OH, and we have to supply the ground. Gotta love non profit electrical coop’s