Edit global list

Trying to work with my global list and I would like to move the CABINETS section under/in the INTERIOR section.

The only way I have found to do this is to recreate the directory manually and copy and past each comment. Is there a way to simply move this directory? I have more then one directory I want to move around and having to do this manually will take days.

I am willing to do this via XML editor if that’s what it takes. Looking inside a XML editor I do not see this type of directory structure so I am a bit lost.

I’m not sure if it helps, but you can copy the Cabinets Section from within the actual template (Copy T) and then paste it somewhere else.

All your comments will move along with it.


I just create new categories where I want them and than drag and drop any comments to the new category.

Ok, when you want to add comments that are stored in a category in the globalist navigate to the inspection item where you would like to have the comments available. With the comment screen open use the plus sign with the T at the top right navigate to the section where the comments live and you can highlight as many comments as you want to pull down into that local list by using your Control key. Click OK the comments will show up on the local list and you need to save your template.

Need to credit the source.

From Shancy in less than 5 minutes after being asked on the FB user group. :wink:

I give you credit to help out a fellow inspector as I noted your post on HG users. You are the man and Shancy is amazing.

I have a question in regards to the global list. Is there a way to keep the list minimized? It always opens back up when editing. I like it all nice and minimized.

I love how HG works with the global and local lists. It is easy to find what I need. Only 2 months at it and liking it more each day.

Great work Frank.

Thank you guys,

I am talking about rearranging the actual global list and the global list tree structure, not adding or moving items in the local list. What I am trying to do is organize my global list so comments are easier to find if I need to add a comment into my local list.

In the image I posted the “cabinets” section has about 15 sub folders, each sub folder has several items, each item has several comments. One of those sub folders is “sinks”, and again has several more items and each item has several comments. I want to move “sinks” and all its sub folders, sub items, and comments into “plumbing” but you can not copy, cut or paste the folder.

From the Global list (On HG menu line select Templates ALL COMMENTS) then your folder tree on your left you can create main folders or sub folders by highlighting the tier you want and use the add edit delete buttons at the bottom of the folder tree. Once you create a new category or sub category leave it in view and then go to the folder that has all the comments you want in there and drag them one by one into the new category.

Note: you could instead of dragging one by one multiple select (shift key or ctrl key) and then cut them using the icons on the right of the category you are in and then go to the new category and using the same buttons “paste.” However, if you do it this way the software has lost the whereabouts of these comments in the local list so you would need to go to local list and go up to them and select all to bring them back down into the local.

That is the conclusion I had come to… one by one.
Thank you.