I just want to make sure I am doing my education credits correctly…

I signed up as a student member.
I started taking classes by clicking on “pre licensing” for my state.
I have passed two classes final exams and received certificates for both.
However, nothing shows under my education log and each time I take a final exam it says I will need to take the course again once I am licensed in my state.
I can’t get licensed until I pass these courses though…
So do I just keep downloading the certificates as proof that I passed the courses and show them to my licensing board? Or will I receive something further when I have completed all the classes in my pre licensing list?
I hate to go through all the classes and then find out I’ve done something in the wrong order.
Thank you for any help.

Hi Craig,
Different states have different requirements. Which state are you in?

NH. Sorry, I thought it was on my profile. I gotta fix that.

Once you are done with all 80hrs of your pre-lisencing course you have to email Ben and he will get you a final certificate to attach to your state Lisence application. You also have to pass the national exam. The classes not showing up on the education log is a separate issue. When I take a pass an exam it shows right up in real time. I would email InterNachi, there is a contact us link, and they should be able to resolve it for you. Best of luck in your studies.

Thank you.
My concern with it not showing up in the education log is that I’m not getting credit for the work. I will try to contact Ben again direct, though several emails have gone without reply.

Be patient he will reply to your emails, btw my education logs show up right away after completion

Yeah, I didn’t expect to hear anything on a Sunday. I finished two more certs today. 10 hours staring at a computer. I sure hope it’s counting… :slight_smile:

I just checked my education log and now all my courses I’ve passed are checked off as completed. So that’s good!

Awesome Sauce. Keep chipping away at it, it’s worth it.

That is because you are failing to follow the instructions

On that page you will note the following:



which also forwards to