State Continuing Education

I’ve done a bunch of classes here at InterNACHI. For some, the courses are listed as approved for my state CE and for others, it’s not. For the ones that are, where I find them to send them in? Are they automatically sent to our state with license number for credit? If not, is that something InterNACHI can do?

You have to download the TREC certificate after you pass the course then send them to TREC with your renewal.

Yeah, I can. It may wishful thinking on my part, but It shouldn’t be too hard to have the site set up to send an eFax to our regulating bodies upon completion of the courses. Or have them stored in a central location to find them easier. Not that the current process is difficult, but I think it could be simpler. Just a thought.

You should get right on that and let us know when you have it completed.

BTW: They are stored in a central location. Look at your training log. I would still recommend that you download and file them when you complete the courses rather than waiting.

Many states are directly linked to InterNACHI and get your course approval the instant you complete a course. We’d prefer every state integrate with InterNACHI. TREC isn’t one that has chosen to.

Ah ok. I’m fairly new to the game, but that makes perfect sense considering my experience with TREC so far. I figured there’d be some reason for it. Thanks for the clarification guys.

And we have a ton of courses that are TREC approved:

Yes, as mentioned before TREC doesn’t accept our electronic rosters as many other regulating bodies do. That means the student must send in their own certificate.

If you need a TREC certificate follow the steps below to download:

  1. Log in to your members-only dashboard
  2. Click on “Education Log” (the tool that looks like a clipboard)
  3. Click “View Exam Sessions & Certificates”
  4. Pick the course you are looking for
  5. Verify your identity when prompted
  6. Download your TREC-specific certificate

*If you don’t see a TREC certificate, you don’t have your TREC license number entered in your account. Add your license number by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your members-only dashboard
  2. Click on the “State Licenses” tool
  3. Choose “Texas” as your state/province.
  4. Add your license number and click “save license number”
  5. Proceed through the steps to download your certificate and your TREC certificate will appear.

Thanks Tanya.