Education State notification

How long does it take Internachi to send my state notification of courses taken and add CE hours at the state level??

Check here, Ed:

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I did but can’t find where they explain it, but thanks.

It’s an email direct to the education folks at InterNACHI so you can get a response to you query.

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I have found regardless of who or what organization says they send in your CE hours to your state agency, that often and more often than not, they never show up!

I always upload or send in my CE if I access my license information and my CE is not showing. I’m licensed in three states and it’s the same in all three! You the inspector have the ultimate responsibility to make sure your credits are sent into your state agency.


I understand that it’s my responsibility, in the past InterNachi has always notified my state, but hadn’t this time so I was just curious if any one know the normal time range is all I was asking. Thanks