Are all this training courses , enough for someone to start working on your own?.. I am in Orlando FL ,thinking in getting into this business.

I just finished a course…and I don’t think I’m ready…I’m trying to get some ride-alongs…sigh…I wish someone had a video of an inspection. Lucky for me I bought lots of investment property in my “other” life and had a great inspector :wink:

I am reading the cr.p out of these boards…over and over and over…and other boards in other places…this week I’m inspecting my own house and I’ll be posting pics of the dump on here to ask questions about! I already know I have some significant defects…LMAO…

Read the boards…join NACHI so you can get to the member areas…they are great. Good luck

That’s what I tough, I was thinking in working for someone for a while, to gain confidence and experience, after finishing the course. Thanks