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Hello! I’m quite new to this process, but I am enjoying it very much! I had a couple questions concerning the downloadable materials from PDFs and accompanying videos. I have always learned best by having a hard copy of the information to take notes with while following along with the videos. I know there is no hard copy text book, so I am attempting to print all these color slides and pages off. There is well over 1,200 pages for the basic 14 areas we are responsible for. Am I approaching this in the wrong manner by spending several hundred dollars on printing and ink and binding?? For the amount of information being given, it seems like a hard copy would be necessary. Any information guiding me in the right direction would be welcome. Thank you

Darin, much of the material should be retained in your memory once you learn it. No problem with printing specific information for your “inspection notebook”.
If you try to print everything you will be overwhelmed.


I have downloaded most of the material on to my iPad in to the iBooks application to use as a reference when doing an Inspection should I need it. I use the iPad for my report software so it is always with me anyway.

I do agree that memorizing as much as possible it needed though. When you are just starting out it is a massive amount of information to absorb though.

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Thank you for you response!

You’re absolutely right about it being overwhelming! I don’t even remember my graduate classes being this extensive. Maybe to iPad route is the way to go. Thank you

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Your most welcome Darin

One more question if I may James…is the iPad Pro the way to go? I’m trying to best utilize my time, but Joseph and yourself are right, it is very overwhelming because I’m not sure that I’m getting the right info to prepare myself for each exam. I understand that most of this will be committed to memory, but it is a lot of information! Thanks again

Most of the courses have physical books offered on the inspector outlet. I found it to be much cheaper than printing out :slight_smile:


I use an iPad mini. I find it to be very easy to carry on the job and simply strap it to my belt when walking a roof or climbing a ladder. The one I currently use is about 5 years old and is still working great. I have it in a hard plastic case.

If you take InterNACHI courses they all (as far as I know) have Study Guides that are down loadable and are great resources by topic. They could be printed off if you wanted to (as I did the first one I took) but that is a lot of paper. I think if you simply download them you have a lot of resources with easy access. I have found them very helpful on several occasions.
Hope this is helpful.

Thank you all for the sound advice!! I’m progressing through the certification process and hope to have the courses completed soon. You guys are great!

For that effort buy the code books for your area. You will learn more and have the facts at hand.

That doesn’t make you a code Inspector. It makes you educated

Well said Michael!

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I feel like I am learning a lot from the courses and videos, but I was thinking that actual hands on experience will be extremely beneficial. Would attending the 2020 convention or actually making a trip to the House of Horrors in Boulder help me? Or should I simply try to locate someone nearby that I could ride along with and shadow? Not sure if there is a Maine chapter I could correspond with. Thank you!