Efflorescence on basement walls







Homeowner by furnace with hands in pockets after spending $15,000 on interior basement system which umm, did not fix ANYTHING.
The dumb az interior system didn’t stop water from entering, didn’t stop mold, efflorescence, paint peeling etc on walls, didn’t stop/reduce any lateral pressure against walls.

…The best way to prevent the problem is to prevent water from infiltrating the blocks (Duh umm, NO inside system on the planet stops water from infiltrating block walls).
…Whenever we see this problem, there is usually a leak somewhere that allows water to enter the block wall.
Bingo! Ding ding ding, helllllo!

Not talking about some basements where ya may see a little efflorescence waaaay UP HIGH on wall. Shtt, that’s usually from something like repeated wetting/soaking of say, a door sill or open-cracked mortar joints above ground level, sht like that.

Bud Light salutes you, Mr. T Shirt Launcher Inventor (someone get a stretcher!)

that stuff can come in handy when You’re out of salt…just saying…

Mr. McKee :mrgreen:
Bubba TINKS interior basement system co’s sniff it, got 'caine?