EGC Bypassed the Service Panel

Hey Guys-

This is the first time I’ve seen the EGC bypass the service panel. The installation was 1984. Was this something that was allowed back then? There was a smaller grounding conductor that went from the meter to the service panel.

The first distribution panel was nicely wired, but all sorts of issues: grounded and grounding conductors not separated, bonding jumpers on egc bar, double-lugged grounded conductors, double-lugged service lugs, etc.


This mess needs to be started over since they’re are multiple issues.

I agree and referred it to an electrician. I was just double-checking for future reference if it was ever an acceptable practice to bypass the service panel with the EGC like they did.

A mess I agree. Would you mind highlighting the more important defects you see from the eyes of an experienced electrician?

Lack of bond at the service equipment
Neutral terminal bonded to enclosure at left-side sub panel
EGC’s attached to neutral terminal at right-side sub panel
Nuetral terminal bonded to enclosure at right-side sub panel
Nuetrals and grounds under individual terminals at right-side sub panel
Multiple conductors under main lugs of right-side sub panel
Over-fused feeders to left-side sub panel

That’s what I can see on my iPhone…

The feeder from the service disconnect is required to be a 4 wire feeder. Also the NM cable entered into the panel are not code compliant either. Can’t see where the GEC terminates.