New egress window, leaks, guess why loll

sheesh over n over it occurs, whether it’s a leaky basement or egress window and so on

Yes the new window has a goofy plastic lid on it, and so? lol smgdh

The window company argued with homeowners, told homeowners the-reason this window leaks was supposedly because they need the foundation drain tiles snaked/jetted ($1,000) or replaced, TOTAL nonsense, incompetence or simply a lie to exract more green $$

here take a look

Inside basement before i did a simple water test with a hose…

a) why couldn’t Michigan egress company go back and do this water test? WHY?

b) talk about skimping on sealing around these egress windows = weak.

What did i charge these homeowners? Nothing, not a penny, and now they are armed with the facts and videos on why the new window leaks

DRAIN TILES??? Really man? smgdh

1:50 mark, “There’s going to be openings around this window”, damn skippy baby

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Did water really “fish tank” up 1 foot on the window, leaving a high water mark on the window?

according to homeowners, yeah 1 time when we got 5 inches of rain in one day, on all other rains they said no water got over sill, most of those they said they leaked. it’s obvious what the problems are as i did a water test with a hose earlier today, it leaks when i hit the edge of the window (you can see a crevice) and at the top. i told 'em it wouldn’t hurt to have someone dig the well down and backfill it all with gravel so that in future no water will rise inside the idiot w-well again

the company who installed this charged em $4,000, they used a trencher but didn’t dig it down all the way to footing, only where they needed to install window. smfh, if you have a machine n charge $4,000 what would it hurt to dig the bitch all the way down (another 2 - 2 1/2 ft) and backfill with all gravel

had we dug it out by hand, it would have taken about 30 minutes to dig it down to where they did