Name that defect.

House just down the street from me. Built about 3 years ago and never sold.

Name that defect!

would you mean the lack of counter Flashing?

Window is too close to roof. there is a minimum distance that a window sill has to be above a roof, and this does not meet that criteria. Also looks like flashing is not tucked under wall brick, but i can’t tell from the picture. No kick out

Yes all sorts of flashing issues.
Add lack of kickout and no sill flashing.
May I poo poo Florida style casements just …because.
On netbook ,but is that EIFS?
Will my concern with the window would also be if a bar is required as it appears(love the word) that it may need a safety bar if it is low as it looks on those stairs.

What do you guys mean with, no kick out? I don’t see flashing behind any siding so there is no where to kick out from.
Good thing that any water that runs behind the step flashing (because of the lack of counter flashing) runs down and is still out side. May not do that first rafter and the roof sheathing any good though.

Built on Decker’s street. Property values in steep decline. :wink:

You know I’m just funnin ya’ Will. :smiley:

Yep. Let’s see what else we can find, shall we?

What’s with the crack in the stucco/EIFS in the window?

The interior space betwen the stairway floor and the window sill was only 8". The window glass was not tempered.

FYI. The original builder tried to get out of the project by attempted arson, but had to finish the house because of the contract. He is currently under house arrest. House moved into recievership and has been rented twice, but never sold.

In this area, every house has a story. :mrgreen:

Very good, Jae. It is a crack. you have good eyes :mrgreen:

Seriously, stucco installed directly on the dimond mesh that was stapled to the tyvek / OSB underneath. Typical around here. Everyone relies too much on the Synergy coating.

Go figure;-)

Oh, not pictured, but just icing on the cake. Bottom portion is split faced block.


Nick should buy it as a haunted house!