Good day all,

How accurate/reliable is a noncontact moisture meter (surveymaster) on EIFS. I had moderate levels in areas that were suspect and 0 in other areas as a comparison but just curious how accurate it can be sensing through the insulation.


Not very .
Even the metal drywall bead will give an erroneous reading.
Have you ever look at the reading on a bathroom tile floor an hour after use?
It is just a gauge not the Rosetta Stone!

Do you mean a non-invasive scanner?
There are many variables…when did it rain last?..is it dry rotted now?..How old is the house?..How long has it been leaking?..

Maybe this will help in understanding a little: http://www.hadd.com/eifs/probe.htm

I’m sure others, much more knowledgeable, will be along to help you soon. :slight_smile:

SurveyMaster is the wrong tool for EIFS non-invasive moisture detection probably won’t be measuring deep enough as most EIFS foam is 3/4" or more and the max depth for this unit is 3/4" non-invasive so you wouldn’t be measuring the substrate MC…they do make an auxiliary EIFS probe kit

Tramex Wet Wall or RWS detectors are the tool of choice recognized by most EIFS Orgs & Assoc for pro EIFS inspections

Thanks for the info guys…I figured it would not read deep enough to be accurate but I applied it just to see what would happen. I was getting a higher reading in the areas that were done improper so I was just curious. Didn’t change my recommendation and I didn’t use the results in my report. Thanks Barry for the info on the other detectors. Seems I have been finding more homes as of late with EIFS. Might look into these a little more.