Electical coarse question

Hello everyone,
Not sure if this is the proper place to discuss this or not but here I go.
Was reading the Electrical Course and came upon this passage:


“The service-entrance conductors (blue arrow) are the service conductors located between the terminals of the service equipment (main disconnect) and a point usually outside the building, clear of building walls, where they are joined by a tap or splice (orange arrows) to theservice drop or overhead service conductors (red arrows). **
The blue arrow is pointing to a protected or sheathed SE (service entrance) cable.
The service point is the point of connection (orange arrows) between the facilities of the service utility and the premises’ wiring.
overhead service conductors (white arrows)** are also the overhead conductors between the service point (orange arrows) and the first point of connection to the service-entrance conductors (blue arrow) at the structure.”

I made the Bold letters for my question. The " overhead service conductors" are the red and white ones?
Meaning they’re 2 separate areas of this circuit that have the same name?
Just thought there would be a upper/ lower or enter / exit to decipher which Overhead Service Conductor we were talking about.