Electric main lug has the main line and another line to the Main Breaker

Hey Folks, This is a setup I’ve never seen. I’ll look things up when I’m back in my office, but I’d like to get the Electrical folks comments.

This Load Center looks like a Split Bus design, but the main lug has a pigtail to a 100 Amp Main Breaker that’s installed. Condominium built in 1973. I appreciate your comments

It is wrong. It is double lugged. The “pigtail’s” need connected to a 100 breaker.er


Agree with Roy but it’s also interesting that what they’ve done makes absolutely zero sense. The breakers on double-tapped wires are now back-fed and fed from the bus.

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Agreed. A double tapped lug is always a callout for a licensed electrician and it appears like it could be a 200 Amp Split Bus panel (except the 100 Amp that pigtailed to the lug). From appearances, I’m guessing this configuration is original to the home (1973) and I have a queasy feeling that all the condominiums in the complex are the same.

Dont you know they are trying to get twice as much amperage? :rofl:

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Just curious what the rest of the panel looks like. Do you have a photo of the entire panel?

Here’s a couple more photos. I don’t typically take a wide view of the entire panel with the dead front removed, but maybe I should start doing that.

Yep, good idea. Also take a picture of the panel label and directory. Helpful information right here and probably more out of frame.

If it’s a split bus, I am not seeing what would be feeding the bottom half.


What’s the story with the furnace??
Why 100 AMP breaker?

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From the photo’s it doesn’t appear to be a split bus. You would need more photo’s of the 100 amp breaker to confirm what is actually going on. That appears to be some version of an obsolete SQ D Q1 2100 2 Pole 100 Amp breaker.


The breaker could be a cable in , cable out design, & not even connected to the panel’s bus stabs based on the strange way it is wired.

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No, it isn’t fed by the bus. It’s a feed-through breaker.

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Tapped twice and AL/CU mixed metal under main lugs.