Electric meter location

The department of buildings in Chicago, apparently signed off on the electric meter being placed this close to the rear doorway of this town home.
But it just seems wrong to place it this close to a doorway and foot traffic. Does anyone have anything on required setbacks for electric meters?
Thanks for your help.


I’d say it’s probably less about the “door” and more about the lack of required working space. There should be 30" of horizontal working space for that box and meter.

Yep. There appears to be a panel box below the meter. I guess you’d have to lay down to work on it.

There’s nothing to open below the meter.


This is a power company decision on where to place the meter.

Thanks for the feed back guys.

If that’s the case, then its fine in my view.

Should be minimum 30"wide centered, 36" clear space in front, and 6’6" clear space from ground. Thats the way I know it.

30" width is correct, but it doesn’t have to be centered in that space.

A meter is not necessarily service equipment so it doesn’t (usually) pertain to the working space requirements for service panel. BTW - there is no minimum height requirement for service panels that I could find.

Working space requirements pertain to “equipment,” not only “service equipment.”

Working Space. Working space for equipment operating at 600 volts, nominal, or less to ground and likely to require examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized shall comply with the dimensions of 110.26(A)(1), (2), and (3) or as required or permitted elsewhere in this Code.

Good one Jeff - Thanks.