meter clearance?

Any concerns here with electrical meter location / clearances? If I recall it should have minimum 2’6" clearance from bottom of meter socket but I’m not sure… Haven’t even done the inspection yet. Just prepping for tomorrow’s war!! LOL

Stupid deck…

The center of the meter should measure between a minimum of 4 feet and a maximum of 6 feet above the walking surface.

Check the power company design manual. There is no way that would fly IME.

Mr. Jonas, your link pertains to electrical service panels, but would that also pertain to meter location at exterior? The utility lock is concealed as well so I’m sure this is an issue too.

How about a little common sense and a look at the rest of this porch/deck installation.

Wrong is wrong. Meter reader will have to bring a pillow. Unless this one is remote. :wink:

Dang, my bad! I had too many links open and posted the wrong one. No worries, you are in very capable hands with Mr. Port above!

Thanks for the compliment Jeff.

No problem. Thanks for all the great info you provide!

Comment on the statement that the working clearances do not apply to the socket enclosures. I would beg to differ on that.

Socket Enclosures are encompassed by Article 312 of the NEC, they are relevant to needing working clearance.

It is my belief that Section 110.26(A) does apply to Socket Enclosures. 99% of those enclosures are installed by licensed electrical contractors for the POCO and when service within those socket enclosures are needed the local POCO (who’s life does matter just as much) will not bother with pulling the drop at the pole to access it…they will simply access it.

This image puts those workers at risk. Now, being that you all are not code individuals you are safety individuals and this clearly should be noted on the report to avoid liability when service is needed…what is someone crashes into the meter and breaks it within the socket enclosure, it will need service maintenance while energized possibly…

Let’s avoid what they should do…and focus on what they probably will do…simply cut the tag, lift the cover and replace the meter…exposing all the live parts.

At the least it should be noted as such and does smell like an un-permitted deck or at least a deck built where code enforcement is weak or non-existent.

Hi John, hope all is well.

1 If your electric meter will be
under it, the deck must be at
least 7 feet high.
2 There must be 36 inches of
unobstructed space in front of
the meter.
3 There must be a 36-inch
wide unobstructed travel path in
front of the meter.
4 There must be at least
2 inches of space on both sides
of the meter.
5 No structure may be built
around the meter, except for
approved meter rooms.
6 Doors or windows cannot be
within one foot of the meter.
7 Meters located inside fenced
areas must have gate access.

Surprised you do not call the Wicklander man…:slight_smile:

I see that you and the OP are both in Illinois is this a local code? Do you have a reference?