Electric panel metal on breaker

Has anyone seen this type of metal piece on a breaker

Circuit breaker lockout.

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Junior’s on it! Lockout.

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An appliance that requires an electrical service disconnect, such as an electrical water heater, and is not within the sight of the electrical panel, is required a lockable breaker unless a service disconnect is provided by the appliance. Like others mentioned, the bracket allows you to put a lock on the breaker so nobody could turn it on by accident while a tech is servicing the appliance.


Thanks for the help

I’m taught to call out those :blue_square: square d breakers…

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Good catch! Did they tell you why?

Some people have had issues with them not keeping strong connections. Even if they appear ok, I note

There was a recall on them but only on certain production dates that needs to be verified. The affected breakers may not provide proper AFCI protection. I don’t know about the “keeping strong connections” part :slight_smile: