electric stair lift inspection

I’m looking for any reference/procedures on what or how to properly inspect an electric stair lift ? Had one the other day at an inspection and short of pushing the button to watch it go up and down the stairs and pulling on the bracket in a few places to make sure it was secure to the wall I didn’t know if there was anything else I needed to do?

Thanks Ken

It’s beyond the SOP.

I had one about a month ago, and rode it down to the bottom. The client said we was gonna remove it and sell it, but I wanted to check it just for curiosity. It was fun, but too slow for me…:slight_smile:

Thanks for that info Mike, however the reason they were buying this home was because the husband was handicap and besides the lift it also had the safety rails in the bathroom. I seem to remember seeing something about an “old folks” inspection but isn’t there anything for the handicap? My dad had polio when he was 5 so I was around handicap people all my life. I know there are not a lot of handicap inspection request, but even with older people they need to utilize these type of features/equipment. Has InterNachi ever considered creating a “Handicap Inspection” ? I would be VERY interested in that.

You might find this helpful.

YES - Thanks Mike, looks like exactly what I was looking for !!! I’ll use that link as reference and already downloaded the checklist.

Do some research on “ADA Compliance”…

An “old folks inspection” ? That gave me a smile :stuck_out_tongue:
I am a retired and among other things in my former life I was a ADA Code Compliance Inspector {Americans Disability Act}.
I have conducted thousands of ADA inspections for the Federal Government. In order to be an ADA inspector you have to be cognizant of ALL of the IRC and IBC codes as it pertains to your ADA inspection plus… The ADA codes themselves!
Here is a link that will give you some information.

Note: A chairlift should have a “folding arm” and or a “seatbelt/waist or harness” to safely restrain the occupant. A chairlift should continue to run when there is a power outage. A chairlift should “stop” when it encounters an “obstruction” etc. etc. {there’s a long list of requirements.}
Not all chairlifts are the same. You should try to get some “manufacturers” information on that particular chairlifts.

Good luck and I hope that this information has been of some help to you.:nachi:

Note: As I reread this post I saw that I made the same mistake that most “old-timers” make. And that is… We “assume” that everyone knows/recognizes the acronyms that we use.
Just to clarify…. IBC stands for “International Building Codes”, IRC stands for “International Residential Codes” and ADA stands for “Americans With Disabilities Act”
I apologize for the mistake and/or assumption on my part:nachi:

THANKS FRANK !!! Information you provided was very helpful. Boy, been reading all these forums and sure gets “stressful” at time. When Nick announced his new “Buy It Back” - whew, sure was some tough text. Mixed emotions on that right now but I see that you had joined already. But I did want to personally thank you for all the help and advise you provide to everyone. Especially us newbie’s, haven’t once seen any negative remarks from you and you always appear to want to help in any way that you can. Folks like you out here is why I am glad that I did join InterNACHI. I just hope after I have been doing this as long as you have I can also keep/say nothing but positive comments.

Hi Ken!
Want to thank you for your kind words. They are greatly appreciated:p
You will find that there are many, many experienced and extremely intelligent people who frequent this message board.
I have been in this industry for 42 years and I have found that I still learn something new almost each and every day. I usually learn from the other “old-timers” but… Every once in a while I’m extremely happy and surprised when a “newbie” reveals a bit of wisdom that I had never even considered.
InterNachi is a large family. As you know in each and every family there will come a point in time where you will have a “conflicting point of view”. The trick is… You should be able to articulate your point of view without antagonizing the person you are responding to. When you are trying to make your point and you insult and/or taunt the other person then… No matter how much “logic” you use in your argument *the only thing the person remembers is the insult *and the “logic” is forgotten!
It took me many, many years to learn this lesson and I am sorry to say that I may have won the “battle” but… I lost the war and I alienated some really good and decent people!
It takes a long, long time for people to get over “hurt feelings”. I have learned that when you insult someone it is a “Lose/Lose Situation”.

So… Bottom line is… Learn how to control your temper and think before you speak! I have learned how to take my own advice and as a result I am living a better and happier life for it.:nachi:

Welcome to the family:p
warmest regards, Frank

Good wisdom Frank.