Electric water heater in bathroom

Is there anything about an electric water heater not being in a bathroom. I don’t love the idea of water so close to the shower. Does it need to be in a closet or exposed okay?


I usually take my showers with water! In your case hot water is just seconds away. Looks good from here.


In Minnesota, we prefer them to remain in the basement. Thank God for staircases as they can’t climb them very well and stay put in the basement!!

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Read the manufactures specs for installation requirements, it will tell you where it can and can’t be installed.


Needs a drain pan and a safety disconnect if not present. From there I agree with this

For the record, in my opinion it is fine. I see electric water heaters under kitchen cabinets, in closets etc. But look it up to verify.

You wouldn’t want that ??:laughing: