electric water heater

this is the top of an electric Water heater

what do you make of it?
what do you think caused it to look like this?

a fire was evedent as the inslulation was melted and chared.

home inspec 046.JPG

Looks like they couldn’t get the anode rod out, so they used a piece of all-thread instead? Maybe there was a leak there, and they used a bolt to fix it somehow. Whatever’s going on, modifications to a pressure vessel like that aren’t permitted.

scary and needs to go …imo…jim

Agree! That is a very dangerous and potentially costly vessel now.

I assume the T&P valve is located in the side of the unit? or was it installed where that plug is.
and looks like they brazed the top of the tank, thats prob what the scorch marks are.

looks like it sprung a leak near the annode rod and they brazed it shut. (see the brass colored weld looking area

Never ceases to amaze me the level people will go through to create a problem. It would probably would have been cheaper to buy a new tank and taken less time.


As others have stated it does look to be brazed on the top, also isn’t the bung where the TPR should be??



Marc, nailed it, this unit must go!

The boysdid a demo if you want to see the results without the intro start this at about 4:20 then watch once they construct a containment (real life) results.

Watts also has a number of informative DVDs. Order the whole set.

Marc was dead on. Thanks Marc. “Unprofessional repair has now created a safety issue: Recommend replacement …”