Electrical and plumbing in same pipe?

Found these items when doing an inspection the other day. Who said you can’t use PVC and abs together. Try using plastic electrical conduit and PVC. If the pipe doesn’t fit tight use more glue. The other two pictures indicate using irrigation pipe on the drain lines. Then look at the plastic water line bent around the sewer line. The TPR Valve extension was reduced in size because that all he had. All of the water lines in the house are 1/2" plastic pipe.
This house was built in 2002. I don’t even want to show what the electrical system was like.

Never know about the do-it- yourself net work.

Lynn W. Gerving
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You must have spent all day at this inspection!


Just gave you a green box. I liked the post. I will give you a star next time.Sorry I was thinking of grade three, Ms. Dunning used to give stars.This is nuts, Green boxes Grey and Red.

No I found this as soon as I walked in the basement. There were some water stains on the ceiling tile, so I looked above and found the electircal conduit and then kept on lifting tile. The electrical was just about as bad.

Lynn W. Gerving


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Anyway this inspection, You said that this was a new build, this really surprises me. Do you know if a building permit was taken on this build?:o

This definitely looks like handyman work. Have you heard of the saying “JACK OF ALL TRADES,MASTER OF NONE” This applies to the guy that put this mess together.:smiley:

I doubt there was a permit issued on this. The county problably issued a building permit, but there is no one to check on it. The electrical panel was not inspected by the state inspector. I call this out to be done,so we will wait and see what happens. I never expected to see electrical conduit used for sewer lines and then to bend it around like it is was plain comical.

Lynn W. Gerving