Electrical Cloth Wiring - Florida

You will NEVER see AL with ONLY a “cloth” insulation or sheathing!!

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The 4-points inspection form states “Indicate presence of any of the following” and provide a checkbox list of various type of electric wirings (Cloth, active knob&tube, etc). The insurance policy underwriter are non-technical and certainly not an electrician. They based purely on the checkbox and if “cloth” is check → will be consider unacceptable and can’t bind the insurance policy without remediation. Just trying to understand how others interpret the form and fill out the electrical section of the 4-points for clients when there is visible cloth cover wiring seen. In my situation, both the exterior main and sub-panel look newly installed with permit and assumed city inspector inspected as well.

Based on your photos, I would not call it cloth.

So back to the original post, when doing a 4 point inspection with the check boxes how do you identify cloth wiring? The panel has only thermoplastic insulation on the conductors. Do you still check the box for cloth wiring?

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No, thats what I dont like about the form (again, too vague) The insurance is concerned about a hazard, which I would not consider the thermoplastic a hazard. I consider cloth the older style, with brittle rubber insulation, with cloth wrap over that… (those that have cloth on the sheathing, as well as cloth over the rubber)
I only do it that way because the first time I came across the cloth/fabric sheathing like in the OP photos, I called it out. So the insurance company then required an electrician to evaluate and determine if it was safe or not. The electrician called me and said that the home was fine, and not the dangerous type that the insurance companies are worried about.
If they would describe that in the 4 point form, it would solve a lot of confusion