Help with wire connectors

I Have never seen these can someone educate me please



Those are a push-in wire connector. Both Ideal and Wago make those. They have been on the market for years. The clamping can be seen thru the clear shell.

If you have a specific question I will try and answer it.

Connectors for telephone wire?

Are they acceptable to use in residental AC wiring?

Yes, there are fine for use for both residential and commercial wiring.

They are not for use with telephone wiring. They do not come in the correct size range for phone work. A Scotch UR connector would be for use with phone work.

Here is a link from Ideal so you can see the specs for their brand of push-in connectors.

That’s what they look like to me too. If that’s the case then I would suspect that they aren’t rated for this use.

Google is a wonderful resource.

I see them occasionally. These are especially useful when someone has not left enough wire inside a box / location to get your fingers in to even put on a traditional wire nut.

Again, these are fine for the use as pictured. Please see the above link for more info.

These are not insulation displacing connectors like for phone and alarm work. Also a connector for #22 or #24 will not accept #14 or #12.

They are fine for residential wiring. The electricians that I have talked to about them love them. No twisting of connectors, and due to that, they can have more connections in a box. They can also connect wires that just barely meet with confidence.

they came installed on a set of can lights i recently purchased


Is there any easy way to remove a wire from the connector for future remodeling purposes?

Having worked for the Telco I can be sure they are not for phone connections.

To remove the wire you need to use a twist and pull motion. They are one time use connectors.

Yes they do. The first thing I do is snip them off and use regular wirenuts.


I actually did the same thing Jeff…

Looks like you have a box fill violation, unless the box is more than 2.5" deep.