Electrical main panel inspection

I did a four point inspection today. Panel cover off are these aluminium to copper crimp boxes for the feeder wire I have never come across them . My question is about the black boxes on the feeder wires.

They are tap connections. What is the question?

Why are those used and are they used for copper to copper or alum to copper

Most likely supplying a sub panel somewhere else in the home. If you can find what they are feeding, you will know if they are aluminum or copper.


I am not an electrician, but this appears to be unconventional. Is that a double tap ground?

Probably related to the solar panel feed coming in at the lower right.

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Brian, I only see one conductor.

They can be used with copper or aluminum.

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To everybody thanks for the help. I figured it out they recently had solar installed. I was under the impression according to nachi videos they can use a back feed breaker. Apparently not when the solar system is on it has to connect directly to the feeder wires so the power can be dispersed onto the grid which makes since. Erik Pyle a cmi I texted him with the picture he solved the mystery. Its all about learning that’s why I love this forum.

That’s what I was thinking with what can be rad in the photo, too, Terry.


Double tapes on neutrals bus.
Double tapped OCPD’s
Bunched cable crossing hot buses.
Lots more I suspect. Lets see what other have to say.

Those taped “boxes” are quite common and are essentially a wire “nut” made for large gauge wires that can’t be twisted together. I believe they are rated for dissimilar metals. You’ll often find them on a a panel replacement when the feeders had to be extended for the new panel location.

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The bunched wires are below the bus.

Those breakers are listed for 2 conductors.

I might see one doubled neutral. Could be the angle.

I don’t mean to disagree. Please, look again.