Electrical Mast and defects?

Pertaining specifically to the electrical mast, what would you write up here?

No I’m not asking for advice, I’ve already written this up, but thought it be fun to see what everyone would write up and maybe if we can help each other improve.

The service point connections lack proper insulation. The mast needs its roofing boot repaired/replaced. There should be another bracing right above the meter can, the spacing for bracing is typically 30inches. This is prescribed in the redbook of POCO.

What’s up with the iceberg on top of the chimney??

Gas appliance combustion exhaust condensate freezing most likely.

Very cold weather and warm moist air equals ice.


Not a frequent occurrence here in Oklahoma…except for the last 10 days!

I see more a roofing problem than an electrical one.

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okay, and how would you describe or write it up?

I’m not an HI or a roofer so I’ll defer to the experts regarding the roof penetration issues. Did you see some electrical deficiencies as well? Maybe I missed something.