Electrical Meter gadget?

Can the Sparkies here help me out, please.

I’ve never seen this black plastic gadget before.

Please tell me why it’s on the outside of the meter and what it does?

House is ten years old.


I’m guessing but “a remote meter reader”. At least , good to see the meter was made in North America and not across the oceans!!!

Its called a “Power Cost Monitor”. Made by Blue Line Innovations Inc. in St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada. There is a wireless display unit inside the home that displays current power usage. They retail for about $149 CANADIAN. I have one in my home. They’re pretty neat actually, allows me to see what appliacnces and such in the home are consuming for power. I can also keep track of my power bill.


Cool…Thanks Rodney. I didn’t see any type of reader inside the home.

This is the first Cost Monitor I’ve ever seen.

You’re welcome David.


So the old beer fridge in the basement is gone, all the lights are changed to flourescent, and the childrens’ lives are miserable as you run around with the inside display trying to train them. Are you offering them any incentives such as 1/2 the savings as increased allowance??

ha ha, don’t give them any ideas…