Anybody know why some one would do this?

Why would some one put a meter in a closet? There is one on the outside of home just 2-feet away. The customers want a reason And Darn if I can think of one. Home was never set up as a duplex nor could it have been.

Just Confused


meter box.jpg

Is it reading anything while there is an electrical load?

It goes from meter to meter then to breaker box.

Separate meter for a dock or outbuilding? Maybe for a teenagers room?? :smiley:

I have seen a second meter installed in an application where the local utility was monitoring only specific circuits such as a dryer, range, etc.
In that configuration the second meter picks up its’ readings through an inductive pick up. However the one you describe sounds as if it may be reading everything.
Maybe the buyers should check with the local utility, if the sellers don’t know.

This is on the line side of the service disconnect??? Is it sealed (PoCo meter)?

It could be called a 230.70(A)(1) violation.
Readily Accessible Location. The service disconnecting means shall be installed at a readily accessible location either outside of a building or structure or inside nearest the point of entrance of the service conductors.

The other question is what kind of “closet” is this?

Hey Greg,
I would think it is or was, used to sub-meter an aprtment, judging by the small load it carries. Or as suggested by my colleague, for appliances. I don’t think it is against any rules to have a meter inside. They are usually outside only to make reading them easier for the utilities company.
My .216 CDN cents worth.:slight_smile:

Saw a second inside meter once on a persons home when he had a natural gas generator and a solar panel array. He had installed it himself to monitor how much of his own generated electricity he was using vs. how much grid electricity he was using. Perhaps there is, or was something similar there ?

Are you sure it goes from the outside meter to the inside meter, then to the panel? I ask because that looks an awful lot like a 200 amp panel, and that looks an awful lot like a 100 amp meter can. Hard to say, exactly. I’d rather think that they are submetering a home office, detached outbuilding used for business purposes, or a little apartment. Something like that, to help keep things straight at tax time to sort out business expenses. I’ve installed a fair amount of submeters for people who want to know the usage of certain loads for a variety of reasons. (You’d be surprised how cheap a meter can and a meter is… maybe 75 bucks, total).

I actually installed 2 meters in my basement. The first one goes to a cottage on my property so if I rent it out I can meter how much electricity they use and the second one goes to our barn so we can write off the electric used for boarding horses as a business expense. All power comes into the house and then branches off to the other buildings.