Electrical outlet required on rear patio?

One year old house.
There is a screened-in concrete patio on the rear of the house with a locking door that leads out onto an open concrete patio beside it. 2 outlets in the screened-in patio. No outlets on the open concrete patio. Is an outlet required on the open patio since the outlets in the screened patio would not be accessible due to the locking door? (Owner says an electrician told him that the builder should have installed an outlet on the open patio)

Was the patio screened in during original construction? Is it conditioned space?

Yes, screened-in by the builder…Not a conditioned space. Screened from floor to ceiling

I would consider the screened patio, a patio. And the non screened patio just more patio. With no additional outlets required.

Is there a light fixture outside the screened patio door to the exterior patio?

I would recommend it as an upgrade. Not a significant issue.

Yes, there is a light fixture on the side of the house outside the screened-in patio

Yes. I am just trying to understand if this was a requirement so I can put this in the report as something the builder must repair (one year warranty inspection). The client added an electric awning on the wall at the open patio. Right now he has it wired into the exterior rear light on the patio wall and wants to know if he can make builder install an outlet

Here are the requirements from the 2011 NEC: