Electrical Panel in Kitchen Cabinet


Please tell me it’s not OK to have the electrical panel inside a kitchen cabinet…this was installed in 1963. The kitchen has since been remodelled. Sorry for the questionable question, but I need to know for sure.



No, it’s

No, it’s not okay

Another remodel job done without permits.

I agree with the Shunkster…and the Siegel-master…:slight_smile:

no way possible to have the proper clearances…and since it was a remodel and someone did it this way defer and have it evaluated.


Thank you for your input, I punt!



Im just curious. What is their to evaluate. The box needs to be moved, as it does not meet proper clearances (like that will ever happen, although I have has a few clients that have insisted on it being moved and have received credits). I am wondering if the cover panel could be removed. Any bets it is a converted fuse panel. Too bad there is no picture.

If you want to see a picture of such a thing

Look here


The system should be evaluated so that the client may be given their options…if they choose to leave it that way then as always the client has their choice to NOT have it evaluated.

I prefer to er on the side of caution…what if the wires coming into the panel are exposed…what if frontal KO’s are missing…and the like.

I am NOT looking at the panel and I see no image so I simply will ALWAYS suggest evaluation and then let the HI determine it from there. Alot of liability on a board with no moderation and very few " Qualified" experts…so the HI has to make that final call…I would venture to say other electrical issues were in this dwelling and needs evaluation…why not have the panel looked at in the same process…I beg to ask…would that HURT?..probably not and in the end they all feel safer.

You have to understand when I see things like this done I usually can BET there are other issues so my suggestion was to have it looked at while the persons at the house…in the end I suggest alot of things that the HI has to determine in their own mind if it needs evaluation…I am not there so I am only giving my opinions.

What if no remodeling had been done, and the inspection had been done on the original configuration. Of course, the problem should be called out, but is anything required to be done since it is original construction from 1963 and was subject to the regulations of that time? Just asking…

That top middle picture reminds me of my electrical panel I wired when I built my own house, back in 1976. The Electrical Inspector didn’t reject it, but he commented that he did not want to see it done so neatly when I bent the wires around the lower corners, as in the middle top picture. He told me he wanted to see wires bent thru a 90 degree corner at a radius of more than 1 inch. 'Cause the insulation would be stretched too much while going around a corner of less that 1 inch. Mine were bent around a 3/4 inch dowel. He let it go, but cautioned me to use a larger dowel on the next job I did. And I did!
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