Ever heard of ...

Wadsworth electrical panel. This is a panel installed in a house I did yesterday, built in 1962. I’ve never heard of it, and can’t find the company. No problem with it, just curious…

Very common around here in the 50’s, 60’s, and into the 70’s. Good equipment–had very little problems. I don’t know what happened to the manufacturer. Just woke up one morning and they were nowhere to be seen.

Breakers are still available at obsolete product dealers, if you need to find some.

I don’t think any of the breakers are manufactured any more, so you could have problems finding replacements. And there a little expensive.

Thanks - I was surprised to find the main at the meter is a newer Cutler-Hammer box with 150Amp service. I think someone has done some half-*****ed upgrades.

Did you note the issues in the panel…No Connectors, some of the neutral conductors on the bottom buss bar appear discolored and one even burnt. How about the double tapped grounded conductors on that same buss and what appears to be a black wire connected to the same buss…both violations due to the size of that conductor…how about the white wires on breakers needing re-identified and so on.

I am sure you did…due to the cost of replacements it might have been wise to explain this economic fact along with the other issues and suggest they have an electrical contractor look at this and possibly give a price on an APPLES to APPLES swap…

Am I correct there are 13 throws to shut it down?

It’s FL.
It’s probably on the outside.
Not like the “normal” way we do it in our area Jeff.:wink:

Ah…Florida… 'splains a lot :mrgreen:

I just looked back at this thread and …HEY!
Actually, yes, the main disconnect is outside - and has only one disconnect. :roll:
And yes, Paul, I did outline the defects. The buyer was very attentive, and then finished with, “So, I really need to have an electrician look at it and probably replace the whole thing…? That’s OK, my brother is a licensed electrician.”
I told her to have him look at it as if he was getting paid - not as a favor for his sister.

I see them all the time.
Normally causes a double take as they appear similar to FPE at first glance.

Our standard line…

“We don’t care how you do it up north, just don’t do it here that way!”;-):D:D:D