Electrical service or volley ball net?

Found this today:shock:


Maybe a bug zapper if someone reaches up and grabs hold after coming
out of pool.

Hard to believe that people actually do things this stupid. Guess there was no inspection performed on that pool. The service drop certainly lacks the 22.5’ clearance mentioned in the NEC.

…and 10’ away.

ELEC-Service%20Drop%20Clearance%20Diagram [640x480].jpg

I believe that your document should say or 10’ away. It’s 22.5 above or 10’ laterally from the waters edge.

That may be, thanks, but an accident waiting to happen nonetheless.

That pool is real close to being, ahem, bonded… :wink:

Al in TN

Honey, would you mind getting the long metal pole with the net and clean the pool?? :twisted::shock:

It’s a Zip Line to the pool!!

Didn’t you mean Zap line to the pool. :mrgreen: