Panel location

At a home right now in Florida where the main electrical panel is on the back of the house. The pool is about 3-4 feet from the panel. I know this is too close but what is the exact distance the pool should be from the panel?
Thanks in advance for your answer.


Unless there is a restriction by your local POCO, I don’t believe there is any requirement other than ‘working space’ and ‘exterior’ rated.

Hopefully someone from your area will respond soon.


General rule is 6 feet but again there is more info that you can have it 5 feet.
I am sure when Jeffrey P chimes in he will be able to give the exact quote from the NEC. No time today to be on the MB until afternoon.
Again this is according to todays standards and not what is your AHJ.

It would be a stretch to reach it from the pool but anyone who jumps in will splash water on it every time. Just measured less than 4 ft from water line to panel.

There is no “rule of thumb.” Jeff is correct - working space requirements, which is 36".

Where do you get this crap?

Since it’s less than 5’ it would need to be connected to the equipotential bonding system with a #8 solid copper conductor.

Thanks Robert I only have it in book form so this is the one I was going to use too!
As you can imagine the only time we inspect in ground pools is in the high end homes. Not to many in SSM On. We call them skating rinks.:smiley:

Then maybe you should keep your mouth shut instead of spewing.

One other note about pools is the Sevice Drop Clearance according to InterNachi “HOW TO INSPECT POOLS AND SPAS” says 22.6 feet and 10 feet away horizontally. I would be interested if and how anyone measures this?

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If the panel is 4’ from the pool isn’t it possible that the drop goes over the pool?

Not relevant to the OP question and no pic was provided.

kevin has a history of sending us down rabbit trails.

Possible, but not necessarily. Service could run parallel to the pool or it could be underground service. Many variables.

I know that the dislike for Kevin is de rigueur but IMO his point is potentially valid.

To answer Kevin’s concern. There are many ways to get a pretty good idea as to how high a service cable is above a pool without using a tape measure.

Which I’m positive “most” experienced home inspectors are aware of.

I know, that you know, but Woodie has a habit of reading what he interjects between the lines, and not necessarily what reality is. It was more for his benefit than your’s. :wink:

You have got to be kidding!

Possibly, but it’s 22.5 (22-1/2) feet OR at least 10 feet away measured horizontally from the waters edge.

Yes you always want to get that extra inch correct.:smiley: