Electrical Tape Standards

What are the standards or restrictions on electrical tape from a safety and home inspection point of view. This panel’s entrance conductors have electrical tape around them. Wiring is older cloth style. Is this acceptable or not? When is electric tape not accepted?

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I don’t see cloth wire.


Let the electrician evaluate the wiring when he replaces the outdated (age) panel.


Listed electrical tape is permitted to be used for insulation repairs. I don’t see anything wrong with the tape in the photo. The SE cable is pretty old.


Yes the panel was very old and the wiring. Very common around these parts. Most homes built pre 1990.

Is age itself something that should be commented on? Much of the homes wiring was modern NM cable. But of course the box and walls still have much of the original.

Robert, at what point does old wiring become a defect?

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Usually with very old SE cable the portion of the cable that is exposed to the weather will eventually see a failure of the outer jacket. That will allow water to enter the cable which means that the cable needs to be replaced. Also where the conductors at the Weatherhead connect to the service drop you may see the insulation deteriotated to a point where it begins to break off that would be a second indicator that the SE cable has reached the end of its life. The interior portion of the cable is usually the last to go (as shown in the photo) because it should be undisturbed for all of its life.


Thanks Robert

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