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is it legal to run power from the garbage disp. in the kitchen to the pool outside? any help is apreciate, THx.

Legal is about law so one must check the law in your area

As far as it being a bad idea – IT IS. It could be made safe if a GFCI was installed.

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well seeings how most disposals are tapped off an existing kitchen line, i’d say no, because the amp. rating one the line will most likely be overed by the pool pump. disposals alone don’t use alot, nor does a fridge or microwave, but if your making toast, warming up a pop-tart for the kids, brewing coffee, disposing egg shells, and the pool is running, what happens when the fridge kicks on? if it gets that far.

p.s. besides the pool part, the rest is just a tipical morning at my house, and i’ve tripped my kitchen breaker at least twice a year. my micro. draws a lot at first pull.


NEC says disposal is on a ckt by it self. Remember this is not a law every where.

Ckt breakers are telling you something is wrong – GET IT FIXED


yeah i know what’s wrong, too many high drawing items at once. and i “fix” it every time it happens, thats why I’m able to do it again. (J/K) by the way whats “ckt” theres no “k” in circuit.

Without going into detail, lets just start with

NO, NO, & Never OK ?



I think I may have inspected this guy’s house.!

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:roll: this guy has like a sumpump in the back yard , and he has the drain pipes runing to the drain in the house. is this legal or right to do?

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Sump Pump for draining a pool?

Running into where…a main waste line?


CKT is an accepted abbreviation for circuit. I am sorry I should have spelled it out. Thank you for the question - sometime all of us use abbreviations that we are use to and in reality we should spell things out. What is common knowledge to you based on your back ground might be totally out of my ability to understand

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This is probably a terrible *design decision *but we don’t have enough information to say it is never allowed.
If there is a duplex receptacle feeding the disposal you have already said that circuit can have other outlets. We really need name plate ratings to decide if that is the first violation or there is no violation at all.

You can also have 680 concerns if this is for the pump motor or light but if it is just the required area receptacle it is more ambiguous

I think I have miss spoken

Need some help out there – GD must be on their own ckt from the rest of the kitchen but they can share with the dishwasher.

Can anyone out there help me out?? And they must have a GFCI if on a plug.

(In my mind they should be required to be hard wired but I can’t prove it and I see a lot in new construction that are on plugs) Sort like the garage door thing.


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Use the term: “Food Waste Disposal”, because use of the term “Garbage Disposal” was not allowed because people put “all garbage” into the sink!

Answer to the original question is NO!