Electrician says this is OK

The electrician that installed these panels says the wiring is OK, even though the neutrals and grounds are bonded at “sub-panel” at left.

Sorry about clarity of photos.

Well, of course he did.

Customer needs to hire a better electrician. :roll:

Not only do the neutrals need to be isolated from the panel and grounding conductors, but the egc’s must be bonded to the panel enclosure.

As Robert suggested, tell them to get a new electrician.

Correct. I guess you noticed the bars are isolated from the panel.

Funnier part is a previous home inspector left his card in the panel, with nothing mentioned in his report.

Aren’t there two EGC bars in this panel bonded to the enclosure with no conductors connected to them?

Yes, the ground bars.:D. He must have overlooked those.

The person that installed these left his installed by sticker on each panel.

Yes, he must have overlooked those. :grin:

It was nice of the last home inspector to leave a flammable item in the service panel

Interesting how many inspectors “recommend further evaluation by a licensed electrician (and others)” and then there is stuff like this…

Such as this from yesterday…

Note the date on the ‘tag’. The homeowner/seller purchased the townhome in 2004, and yes, he had an inspection performed. He told me of many of the corrections he made himself, but knew of no issues in the panel!!! :shock:

Hard to tell from the photo’s so what’s wrong with the panel?

I do see conduit fitting being used on the NM cables.