Elwood Mosley, head of Maryland home inspector licensing called me today with update.

To sum it up:

  • No requirement to join any association.
  • No more grandfathering (left over from 2002).
  • Everyone will have to take 48 hour course.
  • No courses approved yet but he’s working on it.
  • He will give me a formal brief to post here next month.
  • He will be giving a talk for NACHI members in Maryland to explain everything.
  • No surprises.
  • Nothing anti-NACHI or association biased.

Very nice fella.

Thanks for the info, the information is a little different than I received from a NAHI member.

John Evans

Scumbag NAHI members lie about everything.

Thanks for digging that info out of the Commission and putting a name behind it. No doubt you’ll keep us posted.

Gosh Guys -

When you talk about lying don’t be trying to give NAHI the Blue Ribbon. Some of our ASHI guys don’t take 2nd place to anybody.