Client Newsletter

I’ve had 2 clients now that claim they have not received the invite for the newsletter. I asked them to check their spam folder and they said it was not there either. Anyone else having problems ? I can send them a normal email and they receive it and reply so I know I have their email address correct. Is there any way we can see the one’s pending to include their name and email address?

Just sent one to myself - appears it comes from an outside company - Your Home Inspector [] - so probably limited to making any modifications and/or adding a feature that would allow us to see pending. Now that I know the address it comes from I’m going to ask one of my clients to check for this address specifically…

And boy - not much details within I think if I got this email I would automatically think it was spam and delete it…

Home Maintenance Newsletter
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If you received this email by mistake, simply delete it. You won’t be subscribed if you don’t click the confirmation link above.
For questions about this list, please contact:


Currently we have no way to change that letter, with the mailing service we’re using. We’re designing our own mailing system from the ground up, which will be much more customizable, but I’m not sure when it will be ready.

As for pending emails, the service we use will not allow us to show them - this is to comply with privacy laws regarding spam.


Tim, thanks for the info… Can’t wait for yours !!!