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If you are replying to a member in need of help, please don’t bash your fellow member for asking what you might think is a “dumb question.” Protecting consumers is the goal of this tool. In the same way you wouldn’t want to use a fire extinguisher as a sledge hammer, because others might need that fire extinguisher, don’t misuse this tool. Some members, (not necessarily newbies BTW) need fast technical help from time to time (I sure needed it when I was a home inspector). We want to make these members feel like they’ll get that technical help here without being berated, told how dumb they are, told that they should “quit the inspection business”, etc… so that they feel welcome to seek the help they need, on the Emergency Forum, when they most need it.

For some reason, I have problem with that statement…

If they need fast tech help have them phone a local inspector they know and trust. It is faster, and will be more detailed.

If they are in AZ, I think they should pay Brian to hold their hand till they are ready for the big step in representing a home buyer…

The rest of us did.

I have needed help along the way. I think honest people can all say the same. If the forum can be used to help someone, then why not, regardless of other ways you may get help.

Yup, but this is not your “First Stop Shop”.

I’m sure you looked it up first John…

John I don’t recall ever seeing you helping anyone on the Emergency Forum. Or few other places for that matter. Except for advise with IR equipment.
I could be wrong…

When I first became a home inspector, Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet yet. We had enormous portable bag phones. Digital cameras had just come out and I was one of the first to use digital photos in my reports generated in WORD (we had no reporting software). There were very few educational options. There was no way to test for radon because the guy who ultimately figured out how to test for it was out doing home inspections ;). The only trade “society” in the industry charged us membership dues for little more than logo usage (they haven’t really evolved much since). There was no InterNACHI. No textbooks specifically for inspectors. No business success help. No marketing programs. Do vendor deals. No free stuff. No enormous list of www.nachi.org/benefits.htm . And we could go years without meeting another fellow home inspector.

It’s so much better now where at InterNACHI, inspectors can get help from their fellow inspectors. And inspectors (many of whom have specific expertise in many of the trades or in marketing or in tech, etc) can return that help to their fellow members.

Just as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.”- Proverbs 27:17

Yea, it was a challenge in the “good old days”.

Now we make it so easy for new Inspectors, they have no concept of the disservice they are creating for their clients.

No one helped with my Microsoft Word Narratives. Had to fight through adding photos to the report. No Home Inspection Standard in place. You have to use your brain to keep your *** out of court.

Like going to MacDonalds, give them a twenty but before they give you change, give them exact change and watch them try to figure that out. If it isn’t on the register, they have to call the manager.

David, we’re just old men I guess. I can still remember when women wanted their behinds to be small.

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I don’t recall you helping anyone, but I am sure I know very little about you what
you do for people. So I will not make any comments. Wisdom.

Here’s a few (random) recent.




I have at least 5 local inspectors in my phone and have called one or more of them from an Inspection a time or two. Why would I post a question on the message board for a time sensitive tech question?? And why would I trust the answer from some of the responders??

I got started in 1996, way before InterNACHI. Things have changed a lot in that time frame (some good, some not so good).