Emergency forum

Well gees jonas what makes you think it wasn’t an emergency to me Thanks for nothing. I know how to read

Apparently not so much

Were you on-site? NO

That is the FIRST criteria for use of the **Emergency **section!

It is a failed and frustrating idea that the powers that be will not give up on.
No reason you can’t ask for emergency help in members or misc sections.
The area is just causing annomisity among members as shown above.

You guys are cyber bullies.
Where does it say on-site only ?

How could you even post a picture from your phone here as the site is not advanced enough to allow that ?

this forum is only viewable by InterNACHI inspectors. Use it for time-sensitive emergencies only (questions that need immediate assistance).

Uh… The first post in the thread which is “Sticky” so it is always there…

and quoted (in two posts above yours) so you don’t have to go search for it! …

I am wrapping up an inspection at home and need a fast answer to complete the report.
On site does not require a fast answer if you do it at home so the whole idea is discriminatory against home completion.


Well maybe I didn’t use the “SYSTEM” right but if I asked the question on my way home, on site or at the office isn’t it stil help with report writing!

Which is NOT what the section is intended for!

It makes no difference where the report is written Bob, as that is NOT the purpose of the section!

I don’t understand WHY it is so difficult for many of you to understand this? One really has to wonder about your abilities as an inspector, and how can you possibly understand what you are looking at in the field… which, btw,** IS** the purpose of the Emergency section!!!

Its easy to overlook the sticky. Ignore Jeff. His doctor prescribed him less message board time to help with his hypertension but he won’t listen.

You make no sense.
The only thing it seems intended for is you having excuses to chase away every member of NACHI.

Why are you not at my electrical question yelling at me right now ?

**There is no such thing as an emergency question Jeff !

Emergency is gs leaking and calling the gas company.

And this is part of the problem right here. People that feel it is okay to disobey the guidelines, and even encourage others to break the said guidelines, and then attempt to cover-up their belief by making a joke about another persons life threatening disease. Wasn’t so funny when Troy was being attacked, was it? What a fuc*ing hypocrite!

Hey butthead… **Nick **chose the section title, not me!

His blood pressure is rising as he posts, makes stuff up and exaggerates the issue.

So this God you keep referring to in your Tag-line, and signature, on your website, and in all your marketing materials… How does he feel about your hypocrisy, deceit, and flat out lies? O:)

I have no convictions about my posts. I am calling it how it is. You are just a bitter old man, with high blood pressure, attacking someone for overlooking a sticky, which is easy to overlook.

So Jeff did my question fall within guidelines ?

Jeez Bob! And here I thought that you were supposed to be technology savvy.

Posted while onsite from my phone http://www.nachi.org/forum/f79/corrugated-metal-roofing-over-finished-space-80525/#post1022886

Next time you’re in the field and feel lost, give me a call and I’ll hold your hand through the process so that you too can post to the emergency forum without getting bullied…

BTW: I do my reports in my office and I don’t feel discriminated against by the emergency forum.

How many professional inspectors do you feel entitled to interrupt with an alert for a reporting question while you are driving or at home on your computer?