Emergency forum

I hope this is the end of the problems.

Please use only on site and only when you need help.

Please do not respond after the time is long gone, send a pm instead.

Please do not have conversations after they are gone form site pm or start it elsewhere.

Please only use it when you are on site and need help and please do not respond or continue conversations when they are gone.

Myself and others will monitor this area but I stopped last time because no one could seem to get it right.

Does anyone want to bet weather this makes any difference or not?

I hate to say it and HOPE I am wrong but I bet it has the same problems.

Goods luck, lets do it right this time :slight_smile:

Not the best title. As you said Mike it will probably result with the same problems, unfortunately.

Time sensitive

When you want it answered quicker

I guess the Emergency has already started. :slight_smile:

i think the title was fine the way it was.

A teacher taught me a lesson a great many years ago that has stuck with me forever.

He had talked about the importance of reading directions all week and at the end of the week we had a test.

The directions said just fill in your name then pass the time anyway you wish this is a test to see who reads directions as taught.

I was one of the few that passed the test and also got too laugh at the rest who busted their butts for about 45 minutes on a test with really tough questions that if you read the directions you did not have to bother with.

That was a lesson I never forgot. Thanks teach. I wish I remembered his name.

Why not just have a live check in showing guys who are avaiable to be phone called ?
Kind of like a G chat icon.

I know you peepers would lose the thrill but it would be more useful.



I get emails on the forum. I answer when I can and when I know for sure. Id be glad when I only get them for actual on site emergencies.

The page, that EMERGENCY FORUM](http://www.nachi.org/onsitehelp.htm?PHPSESSID=2fb7371be9b31c43e89ef5477410f4b4) is linked to, should clear up any previous misinterpretations.

Hopefully. Or we might need to add David’s lights. :smiley:

Then we may get embarrassed if we had to admit to not knowing. Now if we do not know we just lurk silently and try to learn as well :smiley:

That is why i unsubscribed because of all that crap and idiots then discussing the problems there. I will subscribe again if I see it being used as intended.

I suggest if it is not used correctly we get rid of it and do what has always been done.

Just put HELP NOW 11:15 in the title of a regular post or something.

We need to be able to give up when stuff does not work.

Not me .
As you well know I jump in to all subjects and learn through argument.
Best way to learn swimming is being thrown in a lake as well.:wink:

This whole idea may be doomed to fail as the best way would be for the poster to add (HELP NOW) in their own title.
Lost track how many times I needed timely advice and never got any in till many hours later while evryone was busy arguing about Obama or religion.

Well what good would it do to call someone then find out they do not know?
You may spend a long time making calls.
If they know and they are there it would seem easier for them to contact you instead of you guessing who may know?

When you come to the forum, how many people click FORUM on the left side of the page and read all post in every thread? How many people come to the forum and click on NEW POST to catch up on the latest? When you just go to new post, you do not see the red letters of the EMERGENCY FORUM OR TIME SENSITIVE on that page, except at the bottom left next to contact us . On the new post page on the right side is the section FORUM, put those letters in red so it is easier to see and help stop some of the chit-chat on that thread. That is my suggestion so more people can tell which thread they are in.
Or you can just leave it the way it is. JMHO:)

It’s a good start Chris, but here’s a better idea…

When someone clicks the button to create a New Post in the Emergency thread, it should DEFAULT to the EMERGENCY FORUMpage, and require them to click an

ACCEPT button which allows them access to actually make their post. A DECLINE button will kick them out to the General Discussion section to post.

All threads should “lock” after 24 hours preventing further discussion on that thread in the Emergency section.

sounds great to me but I do not know if the software is capable of doing it.

Those are solid suggestions - but unfortunately the forum software won’t allow me to set that up.

However, in response to locking the topics after 24 hours, they are actually organized by date posted originally, not by the most recent post inside that topic. Therefore, even if people keep talking on an old topic, it won’t push it to the top like it will on other forums. Hopefully that will help.


Wheew I guess I know a little something about the forums :slight_smile:


That didn’t take long did it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tim Eaton, You may be able to answer this or direct it to someone who can. With the InterNACHI App for Iphone and Android. myself and others have not been able to post a picture when on site with the issue we are inquiring about.

Is it possible to update the App to allow a picture to be added??