Trash the Emergency Forum

Time to give up on it.

Folks still do not get it right and the idiots that respond and keep the conversation going are just as guilty.

It has failed. Be done with it.

Spoiled Posters cannot seem to do it right then Idiots b i t c h and complain and keep it going and going and going and others join in.

Give it up please. Apparently no one here is smart enough to deal with it.

See below for examples of all the fools here.

As more learn about it, it will get better.

I released a video on it that will go in our next newsletter:

It’s still new. It will improve over time.

It has already helped many members in an emergency. That help to those members outweighs the misuse of it… by far.

Ok. But what about the fools that know better and keep it going and going and going?

I hope you are right but I will not subscribe again due to the ones who keep talking about it in the thread where their comments DO NOT BELONG.

The complain about the OP and are more guilty than them at abusing it. It is really ridiculous at this point.

I hope some day folks can figure it out because it is a great idea but I really doubt it. Between fools and internet bullies I doubt it will ever work right :frowning:

Mike I posted wrong information they were correct and I corrected my mistake. No one is perfect even if the one’s who think they are. As for the way they act I’m use to it and honestly have better things to do then worry about what they have to say. Still alot of good people around who are good friends and like Nick said many have been helped using the emergency forum. As for me I won’t be using it again.

Mr Meeker stop your complaining you have nothing better to do.


My complaint is with the idiots that keep it going. Not you. We have all posted things in the wrong place before.


Blow me, you are one of the idiots that should know better. You just do not care and feel the need to run your mouth in a place that you should not just to be accepted by the internet bullies. You are known just to pile on.

Please move this thread to the NFE section as I find Mike’s attitude offensive to (most) veteran inspectors.
Thank you!

It’s another one of those situations where the benefit to the member who is in a pickle and needs help fast… outweighs every other consideration. People call 911 for all sorts of nonsense (sometimes accidentally thinking it’s 411), but that doesn’t mean we should close down the 911 system, because when someone really needs it, it’s a critical service… to them. Our emergency forum has already rescued many members.

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I agree completely, that is why I (and others) attempt to correct the abusers.

In this case, the OP had already posted multiple similar threads, and was “gently” advised about the errors of his ways in those threads. He continued to ignore the suggestions, so it was time to “kick it up a notch”! :wink:

lol…nah …nevermind.


Hey I have a GE model asa257bg35 can you tell me if it is on recall Jeff ?

My report is due in a few days and have no time right now.


You and others were flat out rude had nothing to do with kicking anything up. You make assumptions that are not even true. I posted the wrong information and the information I was looking at did not match up why I asked for help. When people finally stepped in and said hey Billy you sure those numbers are right it dawned on me that I had the wrong set. I corrected myself but rest assure I know all about where to verify model/serial numbers and sometimes a second opinion is all I’m looking for because some manufactures have a slew to choose from and to me at times can be confusing… sorry I’m not perfect. As for you your ego is getting the better of you and that’s sad to say because I always thought highly of you. That’s all I’m saying about this. If you have anything else to say call me personally or come see me instead of belittling people on the message board. I’ll be more than happy to talk to you.

Wow, this is insane.

WOW you are something . I seen no problem helping someone it would have been easier to give the individual help than comment ( which i pointed out. ) then you run your mouth like you own the place. I know your out on medical and all, so why didn’t you just post the info? the section works and there will be problems but like everything some need to learn patience . I do care for HI related items I have no time or patience for political, religion or gun posts . I do remember when someone just starting out had a problem with a pressure temperature relief valve not to long ago. help if you want but help does not come with limitations last time i heard . stop ranting about nothing .

Don’t try and divert everyone’s attention from the real issue here. It isn’t your posting the incorrect data that is in question. Nobody has an issue with that, it happens (again). Wasn’t that the problem last time also? But who’s counting, right?

The issue at hand is that you posted the information in the wrong MB section which is reserved for Emergency ‘on-site’ use only, and not just once, but multiple times over the last few weeks. Your arrogance if only surpassed by your ignorance and sense of entitlement.

Is this the Inspectors Adult Care Living Facility. AKA Old Farts Home ?:wink:
Where there is nothing to do all day but complain ?

Well… you *do *live in Florida! :twisted: