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A newish guy here. Wanted to query the forum and this looked like the right place. Had a call today about someone who needs an inspector to inspect and make recommendations regarding home where son…who is hypersensitive.

I have read and understand the perspective of those who are suffering from this and also understand that most people will call it phooey.
I have just enough experience as a commercial electricians apprentice to remember the power supply rooms and giant transformers where the principles of EMF were more visible and respected. The same guys would probably laugh at a homeowner having this issue.

Anyway, my question is: Anyone doing these? Sounds like there are two parts here…checking voltage at plugs and electrical devices and then recommendations which I understand are everywhere between plugs and paint. None of it made much sense to me but I try to be open.
I can see these folks could be ripped off very easy and I certainly don’t want to add to that.
Anyone else asked to do this?

I have not seen where we have any doing them

Google says

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The notion that EMF exposure as experienced in the real world (high-tension lines, outlets, appliances, etc.) is harmful is not based in science. To the best of my knowledge, no credible studies exist showing any cause-effect relationships affecting human health.

Personally, I would not involve myself in providing any analysis of EMF’s for a client from an ethical standpoint since I do not believe they produce the hazards ascribed to them. From a business standpoint, I do not believe there is enough market demand for such services absent some alarmist marketing ploy designed to drum up fear.

Of course, modern medical science is not perfect, nor do I claim to be an expert.

Totally agree. But there a lot of people suffering. There is actually a town where many go to live. I don’t proclaim to know the actual problem or why but I have seen oriental medicine help people close to me when modern medicine failed. So I try to be open. I told the caller i had no idea or experience in that area but I could check voltage and perform a usual inspection of the electrical system. I said I would ask around.
I am sure these folks are being ripped off quite a bit.

Just wondering what checking the voltage at the receptacles will tell you regarding EMF’s.

Double blind studies of those with claimed hypersensitivity can find no repeatable results when tested.

WHO | Electromagnetic fields and public health

IMO until there is some concrete proof this is just modern day snake oil. Problem is if you have a slick enough video on YouTube people will believe just about anything.

I know of no scientific proof and checking voltage is what one sufferer asked about. I agree…what would you expect the result to be from voltage checking? Yes we got 120…next…

Yes, that one over there is 120 volts and the big range receptacle is 240 volts, OK so now what? :smiley:

My old house measured 124/248 volts at the service, does that mean that it was uninhabitable? :roll:


I have been consulted on such cases and I have investigated such cases. I can tell you that some folks are hypersensitive to elevated levels of EMF at specific locations but in most all cases there was an underlined cause. Do I do these investigations, nope…if someone wanted advice on how to possible look to mitigate elevated EMF due to problematic wiring then I may offer advice but that’s about it.

In the most extreme case I assisted, silently mind you, back in 2010 was with an apartment building where multiple tenants complained of issues (each unknown to each other) and I was asked by the City of Alexandria to look into it. I did find elevated EMF as the milliGauss (mg) was off the charts. Well off the charts that SOME believe are proven (which is always debatable).

Come to find out the entire building was one HUGE violation of improper case to neutral connections in panels, luminaries, receptacles…just a whole mess. It seemed to be extreme ironically near the folks complaining. When the building was corrected the mG went way down and complaints stopped is about all I can say on that one.

Do I think its nearly the concern folks make it to be…well anything is a concern to someone if they can’t sleep or causes headaches even if it is only mental. However, is it something an HI should dabble in…NOPE…you are not qualified enough to venture into that area just to make a fast buck.

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