Emf / stray voltage

Always an interesting topic, but never really proven or dis-proven. EMF

Local SoCal residents troubled by EMF… per Yahoo!News

you want proof? ;~))

I admit it sounds funny like in cartoons to imagine people under power lines as being characters that have mutations or defects like in the movie “Neighbors” or the adult cartoon “the oblongs” but the fact is nobody really knows and thinking about it why is it so hard to figure that a magnetic field pulling on any magnetic trace elements in our blood would not effect our body functions .
Any mutations are the cause of cancer after all.
My point is that dismissing the effects of EMF may not be a good idea till proven otherwise.


I dismiss the existence of ghosts too Bob.

Trust me, you are bathed in electromagnetic radiation every moment of your life.

No kidding,duh.
So you are saying that trace fields from the sun and temp effects from hitting the switch on appliances or plugging in cell phones,laptops,etc are equal to living under power lines and will now prove it right here?
Cool I can’t wait for you to respond so I can put my nagging doubts to rest.
Please respond.:slight_smile:

The problem Bob is lack of evidence of harm.

Lack of evidence God exists also yet…

Some things we just know, eh.

Equating faith in God and faith in harmfull EMF is more than a little silly. :roll:

Better run out and get some more tinfoil.:wink:

I think someone is living under holy high voltage lines .lolololol