New article - ElectroMagnetic field Inspections

I wrote this new article and woul appreciate any comments or critiques.


Looks Good Will.!

You missing an “m” at the,

On the other hand, because politicians know so little about the real world, and especially about science, they need experts to help theM, determine how to best proceed. This is the positive value of lobbyists. Scientists, corporations and experts actually look into the problem and fashion solutions, which are turned into laws and regulations by the politicians and everyone hopes the problem is solved.

Sounds too busy to me and is well above most people understand ( me included ) .
Sounds like a make work project and I think it could lead to litigation .
I would stay away from these questions if asked … Roy

William, I liked your article and its conclusion. Thank you for saring it with us.

Roy, my intent was to explain, to the general public, the problem, the issues and that there is really no problem. Sorry to say, but if you could not understand it then I should “dumb it up” a bit. :wink:

Thanks. My intent. Educate and inform (both my profession and the public), and have fun doin’ it.

I too must agree with Roy having studied EMF. I found several errors in spelling in the article along with too much non-essential information. The general public would be lost very quickly.

Will I enjoyed the article actually. This is a topic that is discussed by many recently, including Wifi as well, some people refusing to allow their kids to go to a school near us because they have Wifi!

There were a few spelling errors, and one word I actually wasn’t sure if it was an error or not, and there is a bit of busy- ness about the pictures in the cancer cell growth and the electro-magnetic spectrum.
Other than that I like the article, being around mothers that seem to be all consumed by these issues (yeah all the kids have cell phones) I think it addresses the issue nicely.

Do you want me to run down some of the errors I spotted?

I found 6 did you find more Kathleen?

Yes I think so Kevin, including Electro in the title. Actually just looked again at that and it’s only in the tab it’s spelled wrong.
cresses was the word I questioned, just checked, it and I’m sure it’s just a typo, crises. There was another I questioned, but I think it’s a typo, in wavelength at one point nm is used and in another mm is used, I wasn’t sure which was correct!

There is also a sentence structure somewhere that didn’t seem right, grammar isn’t my strong point, spelling is, so I will look again for it, and try to find the spelling errors for you Will.

The abnormal DNA stands (strands)
Remember, it is not the amount of EMF that caused sell damage, (cell)
Microwave ovens work on an entirely different principle than EMF cell (missing the word on)
This vibration produces heat in the water molecules which heats of the food, cooking it. ( “of” in there, not needed)
You should also remember that the old myth that microwaves cook from the inside our is just plain silly (out )
If you take out the hamburger and cut it in half, you will find that the outer inch or so of the meat will be hot (or)
America’s preeminence if science and engineering (in)
People tend to feel comfortable with the same old thing and to be apprehensious of the new (apprehensive)
My daughters, on the other hand, have no problem practically living with they cell phones (their)

This can cause free-radical formation, which travel through the body and cause DNA damage, of the photons can strike the DNA, directly, damaging the structure of DNA in cells. (This was the sentence I had some trouble with, not sure what though)

There was also an electric-magnetic written somewhere, but I just can’t seem to chase it down now, thought that should be electro-magnetic.

Bless you, Kate! I think faster than I type.

It’s ok Will, I take about, ten seconds to type, then ten minutes to proof read forum posts, LOL!


well…very nice Mr. Decker. I could comment on a few of the technical aspects of the piece but it would serve no purpose because the JIST of the article had no problems with the flow. However, with no disrespect to the average home inspector I would say the last line should be edited to say…well not even electricians since half of them know nothing about the subject either…ok leave it alone…lol

“Simply put, with new home construction technologies, most of which are really revolutionary, there will be new problems created. These problems should be calmly, rationally and scientifically studied and evaluated by professional, licensed and certified home inspectors and honest solutions developed and implemented. But professionals should not stoke the fires of fear simply to make a buck.”

Point is…not really something I would tell home inspectors to comment on…just my 2 cents…BUT a very nice article none the less my friend and quite factual.

Point taken, Paul.


I also toned down the political angle a little. Too “right wing”.

I just wanted to get the truth out there, against all the panic and the shysters who charge, through the nose, to do these type of unnecessary inspections.

Believe it or not one guy wanted me to travel down to Toronto to do an Inspection for EMF. I pointed him to contact an IAQ specialist in his area,
I then gave him info on what to look for in this type of Individual.
I agree that the scare tactics do occur in this type of inspection.
Thanks to Kathleen I am sure the article is corrected.

the nm and mm are correct.

Ok, wasn’t sure about that Will, so thought I’d run it by you anyway, I did try looking up the two different terms, but got lost in wavelengths very rapidly, with not so much as an nm or an mm in sight! Sometimes search engines are frustrating.