Enclosed Lanai Indoor or Outdoor?

Here is my question…

Are enclosed Lanai’s considered an Interior or Exterior part of the house? I ask this for electrical reasons. If they have no environmental control ie…air conditioning or heating, do the outlets need to be GFCI?

I come across this often and some have GFCI’s and others don’t. Some have the lone original exterior GFCI with the cover while other newly added outlets are not GFCI.

If the room is considered EXTERIOR then non-GFCI outlets are a defect. Just looking for some help/clarification.



All of the lanai’s I see are exterior.

If you don’t know the answer how would you complete a wind mitigation inspection?

If the porch is truly enclosed (no outside air), then GFCI protection is not required.

what type of floor does it have ?..