Exterior outlets

I meantioned in one of my reports that exterior outlets are in need of a weather protective cover. They presently installed an interior outlet, white with no protection at all, and the "licensed electrician, said weather protective covers were not mandatory in 1990.

The earlies NEC is 1996. Anyone know when weather protective covers became mandatory on exterior outlets?

Thanks in advance

The exterior receptacles have needed weatherproof covers for as long as I can remember. The in-use covers are a more recent requirement.

I agree Jim, but as usual I want to get the exact information for my clients, because the seller swears their “licensed electrician” stated they are not required. I asked for the name and number and license number of the “licensed electrician” and am still waiting for it. :wink:

Russ-don’t know if mandatory but '50s~'60s shaqs around here
i’ll see these screw caps with bead-chain connected to the cap & cover plate so cap wasn’t misplaced when receptacle was in use
metal flappers came later


I would start with the NEC definition of what type of cover will be required, this will be based on the definition of the location be it dry, damp or wet. So what is the location type of the receptacles in question?

The exact location is within a rear porch area that is exposed to the elements, but is under an overhang. They are called Lanai’s here in Florida. They are NOT within walls, located at the EXTERIOR of the residence.

Sounds like a damp location to me if not subject to driving rain.

Agreed, damp locations were still required to have covers correct? I am not saying the plastic in use covers. But any cover. I don’t think your white typical indoor outlet was authorized for exterior use even in a damp location in 1990.

The receptacles are interchangeable (interior/exterior), it’s the covers that make them “weatherproof.”

There are “weather-proof” covers, and there are “in-use weather-proof” covers. I’m sorry that I can’t provide you with the year when weather-proof covers were required, but it has been at least since the late 1960’s.

In-use weather-proof covers have been a requirement since the 2002 NEC (2004 for CA), which may be what this “electrician” is referring to.

406.8 Receptacles in Damp or Wet Locations.
(A) Damp Locations. A receptacle installed outdoors in a location protected from the weather or in other damp locations shall have an enclosure for the receptacle that is weatherproof when the receptacle is covered (attachment plug cap not inserted and receptacle covers closed). An installation suitable for wet locations shall also be considered suitable for damp locations.

A receptacle shall be considered to be in a location protected from the weather where located under roofed open porches, canopies, marquees, and the like, and will not be subjected to a beating rain or water runoff.