Engineer not needed

As a GC I get to look at inspection reports all the time… most of them are not bad…but then you come across some of which you think…how did this guy become an inspector or better yet, who taught him how to write a report.
I came across this statement and about fell out of my chair.
(there are cracks all over the foundation and throughout the interior)

“According to structural engineers, a structural evaluation is not required unless cracks are a minimum of 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide.”

Interestingly this came from an associate inspector which must have a licensed inspector check off on the report.
I checked to see if the lead inspector is a member of NACHI…which he isn’t but is a member of ASHI.

That is unfortunate report.
Thanks for sharing.

Mr. Haynes are you no longer a member in good standing?